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We offer a range of different services to women, men, children and young people. Have a look below for more information.
If you’re not sure which service or services might be right for you, get in touch¬†and we can help you decide.

Adult Counselling & Children's Support

Counselling is when you and a counsellor meet at agreed times, for a set amount of time, to talk about emotional difficulties you're going through and to explore what might be causing them. Counsellors don't give advice or tell you what to do. The Children's therapy we offer is a similar service to counselling, specifically for children and young people.

Independent Sexual Violence Advocacy (ISVA)

If you've reported what happened to you to the police, or if you're thinking about reporting it, our Independent Sexual Violence Advocates (or ISVAs) can support you through the process, from the first step right through to after your case has ended.

Wellbeing Support

This service can support you - in a less formal way than counselling - to make decisions about your next steps that feel right for you. It can also help you with day-to-day practical problems you might be having because of what you've been through.

Support Groups

A group can give you the chance to talk to other people who've been through similar experiences to you, in a relaxed and safe setting. We run different groups for women, men, and parents.

Live Chat - Currently Closed

Ask questions about our service, bring your worry or concern, reduce your isolation, break the silence, in confidence, at your pace with respect and kindness.

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