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Sexual violence – including sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault – can happen to anyone, at any time in their lives. No matter who it is, if someone does something sexual to you that you don’t want, that’s sexual violence and that person is completely responsible for it; it’s not your fault and you have nothing to feel ashamed of.

When it does happen, sexual violence can have a wide range of impacts for you, both in the immediate term and sometimes over a very long period of time, like many years or even decades.

There’s no right or wrong way to feel about what’s happened to you, but however you do feel, talking about it can help. As a survivor of sexual violence, you deserve to be listened to, believed, and supported.

We’re here for you

At BSARCS, we understand that each person and each experience of sexual violence is unique. Whatever you want to talk about, we won’t be shocked by what you tell us, and we won’t dismiss or minimise it.

We understand it can be hard to talk about sexual violence or to decide what to do next. We will never pressure you into making decisions or taking steps that don’t feel right for you, and we won’t judge you.

We will listen, believe and support you to heal and to move forward with your life however you want and at your own pace; we’re led by you.

Find out about the different services we can offer you.

Or you can find more information and resources that might be helpful.

How We Can Help

We have a range of different services which we offer to men who need our help, take a look at the different services we provide to see if any would be useful for you.


We have a range of resources which you may prefer to take a look at also.

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