Whether you’re a survivor thinking of referring yourself for one of our specialist services or a professional wanting to refer someone you work with, you can call us on 01226 320140 or use the form links below.

Referrals for Adults

If you, or the person you’re referring, has reported or is considering reporting their experience, then our Independent Sexual Violence Advocates (ISVA’s) can help navigate the criminal justice processes, helping answer any questions and advocating on their behalf.

To refer to our ISVA service please use this referral form.

ISVA Referral Form

If you are unsure or would like to talk to us, please call us on 01226 320140.

If you wish to access counselling or wellbeing support, the following forms should be used

Professional Referral Form (18+) Adult Self Referral Form

Referrals for Children

If you are unsure whether a child or young person you’re supporting or caring for needs or meets the eligibility criteria for our children’s services, you can call us on 01226 320140 to talk about it.

Please use this form if the child being referred  has made a formal complaint to the Police or is considering pursuing a formal complaint

ISVA Referral Form

Our non-criminal justice service is available to children/ young people who:

  • Are aged 0 up to 17
  • Live in Barnsley
  • Have experienced sexual harm which has been reported to the police and/or social care or have been affected by sexual harm
  • Have given their consent to being referred to BSARCS (for younger children, a parent’s or carer’s consent is required)

If you are supporting a child who meets the above criteria please use the referral form below.

Child Referral Form

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