Tesco Bags for Help Scheme – Delivery one!

20th Nov 18

A few months ago you may remember that we received some money from Tesco bags for help scheme which enabled us to buy creative resources for children and young people supported by BSARCS.

It was exciting to get our first of many orders of resources.


The clay is used to create anything a child or young person wishes. Children have made trinket boxes, landscapes, people and animals. As well as being useful for expression and creativity, clay is a sensory material and the process of moulding it can be calming and therapeutic.

The masks can be used in many different ways in therapy, for example a child or young person may be able to use masks during role play and psychodrama by exploring characters, emotions and relationships.   They can also be used alongside art materials to explore  external and internal experiences.  ‘What do people see on the outside and what is really going on, on the inside?’


The books help our children’s workers explain to children why they might be feeling the way they are; it also helps parents to understand why their child might be behaving the way they are and provides them with examples of how best to support their child at home.

Pebbles can be used in the sand tray to represent people, places, situations or feelings in the child or young person’s lives. This is an example of how a child can still interact with the therapist and tell them how they are feeling without having to find words which can sometimes prove difficult.

Funny Faces

Funny Faces – As well as encouraging play between the children and parents, this can introduce fun into the session which helps to develop a therapeutic relationship between the child and their therapist.

The bear cards - feelings

Bear Cards – These can be used at the beginning of the session to explore how the child has been feeling since their last therapy session or how the child is feeling at the beginning of this session.  The bear cards can also be used during the session if the child is having difficulty expressing how they feel or understanding emotions.

The funding from Tesco Bags for help has allowed us to buy resources for our children’s services to ensure a sustainable therapeutic approach is used for all our children and young people.

Thank you to everyone who voted for us!

Children’s Therapy Team!