Frequently Asked Questions

What is sexual violence?

1 in 4 women and 1 in 8 men will be the victim of sexual violence in their lifetimes. Sexual violence can take many forms and may also include flashing, stalking, sexual harassment, sexual assault or rape. If you have experienced any of these things and are feeling confused about what happened then please do contact us. Your call will be confidential and we will never dismiss anything that you tell us.

Isn’t it what you wear that gets you attacked?

Rapists often choose to attack people that they think are easy to get at, not because of how people dress or if they have a reputation. People who are assaulted can be of any age, sex, culture or religion. And women have the right to dress any way they like – it is the rapist who makes the choice to rape them.

Are most rapists strangers?

No. Most attacks are normally carried out by someone you know and in many cases this may be partners or family members.


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