Sheridan fundraising 2023

31st Aug 23

sheridan fundraising

As a charity we are responsible to a board of trustees, we are lucky to have Sheridan volunteer her time to not only be one of our trustees but to fundraise for BSARCS. Here is her fundraising story:

“I chose to fundraise for BSARCS because I love the charity and what it stands for, I wanted to support the people of Barnsley who may have needed the services in the past or who may be needing it currently. I’ve been a proud trustee for 2.5 years and I’ve been so in awe of the work carried out, the passion and commitment of the staff and the culture surrounding BSARCS.

So, I started training around 3 months before the 10k until shin splints hit! Meaning I wasn’t able to train (and barely walk), so I had some rest. After that I tried another light run, thinking I’d healed but unfortunately not enough and was advised to rest again. The weekend of the 10k I was struck with what seemed like a stomach bug and thought it was game over, then my period came (let’s normalise talking about periods in sport) and I felt like the universe was out to get me, but I powered through. Race day, the atmosphere, the weather, was just amazing! On the way to Leeds, I was telling myself “you’ve got this” and after 8 years of Jiu Jitsu and competing, I knew I could get myself into the headspace that I needed to do the race. I was prepped with energy gels, I’d strapped my shins up (which later fell off due to sweat), had my running vest on and I was good to go! Weirdly enough, I LOVED the run!! I had amazing support with me, who cheered me on from the sideline. I got over the finish line and had a little cry of pure joy! And then met up with my family and got a free massage that was provided as part of the race! I also got a free t-shirt and a medal!! Finishing time of 1 HOUR AND 36 MINUTES!

I’m definitely going to be doing some more fundraising for BSARCS, maybe this time it will involve a Stand Up Paddleboard, it’s a bit easier on the shins 🙂

I raised £270!!

Being a trustee has always meant a lot to me, I’m able to be a part of making real changes in an important service in Barnsley. I also get to make sure the team have everything they need in order to make the service the best it can be and so they feel supported in the work that they do. I still can’t believe I get to be on a board of trustees at such a young age, but it is something I’m super proud of 🙂”

Thank you so much Sheridan, look at that smile, what an achievement!