Sarah Fundraising 2023

21st Jul 23

SG Sarah Fundraising

At BSARCS we are fortunate to have fantastic Volunteers and Fundraisers as part of our team, their efforts, determination and commitment is amazing and we wanted to take an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the fantastic work that they do and continue to do. I took some time to chat with one of our fundraisers Sarah to hear more about her fundraising for BSARCS:

“Unfortunately nearly 10 years ago I had to use BSARCS service, it isn’t something you think you will ever need to use, or should have to use. But at 18 I was assaulted on a night out, I was really lucky and had amazing support from friends and family but they can only support so far. I had amazing support from BSARCS, I was supported by being walked through the court case, which is something you have no idea how it will look, but why would you? So something really overwhelming was broken down and explained to me and the support I got from BSARCS was invaluable.

I am lucky now that 10 years on I have been able to move on, it is never something you will forget, but something I can live with and move forward with my life. So that is why I decided to run the marathons, initially I signed up for the London marathon but didn’t hear anything back so applied for Leeds marathon, as luck would have it in the end I ended up signed up for both so here I am having ran one marathon London (23rd April) getting ready to run my next marathon Leeds (14th May). Both marathons are 26.2 miles each.

I am not a runner, it isn’t something that I have done for years, this was a “let’s go for it” moment, I enjoy pushing myself and doing things like this. I have always done fundraising for charity. To prepare for the marathons I have been following a 16 week training plan, this includes 3 runs a week and 2 strength sessions. My Saturday/Sundays are taken up with long runs, it is recommended that you only go up to 21 miles before the big day of the run. I am excited but nervous, I try not to say how long the marathons are out loud. I did run the Manchester half marathon last year for another charity, and the training for that felt a lot less serious and I felt I could just mess around, whereas training for this marathon I don’t feel that. I think after the marathon the next day I am going to have a big Sunday roast washed down with a big glass of wine”

Unfortunately Sarah had to defer her place in the Leeds Marathon due to a calf injury. We are incredibly proud of her for her efforts and hard work, I mean, here at BSARCS some of us huff and puff after 3 flights of stairs!

Sarah shared her thoughts on the London marathon

“The good news is that London was incredible, the atmosphere was amazing and I’m so glad I got to do to it. The most important part is that the final fundraising figure is £2564! I set out with a target of £1000 so I’m absolutely over the moon with this and cannot thank you enough for your support!

I’ve attached a picture below of me once I’d survived the 26.2 miles with my BSARCS T-shirt”

Look at that smile! What an achievement, £2564 raised. This money will go directly to the adults and children that we support here at BSARCS, providing them with the support tools and mechanisms to get the most out of their support.

Well done from all at BSARCS!