Rachel Fundraising 2023

05th Aug 23

Rachel Fundraising

At BSARCS we have volunteers as part of our team, volunteers bring new knowledge and enthusiasm in to the services that we provide. Rachel has been volunteering for BSARCS for quite some time, and supports the development team in the front line facilitation of group work in our wellbeing group and our post support group for those who have completed service with us. Not only does Rachel breathe a breath of fresh air in to our group sessions every week she has chosen to raise money for BSARCS by completing a colour run in June. We caught up with Rachel to find out more:

“I wanted to raise money for BSARCS as I do a lot of charity work, I do a lot to do with alzheimer’s, cancer, domestic abuse and sexual violence. As myself or other people I know have been affected. I wanted to raise money for a local charity and this was perfect.

I wanted to become a volunteer due to previously using the service myself. I wanted to help other adults and children who are in the position that I had been and show them there is a positive outcome to something so horrible. I also volunteered to get myself back in to work and this was a good way to do so. It gave me confidence to find myself a part time job.

My volunteering role: I work with the group facilitators to help women, give them extra support before and after their work with BSARCS. We provide a comfortable space to talk about feelings, and give them tools to help with things like sleep issues, anxiety and whatever they share they need support with. In our grounding discussions, we provide creative activities such as pebble painting, this can be really relaxing and is a time when people usually open up.

For the fundraising me and my partner Stuart are doing for BSARCS, we are completing the colour run in June, we are preparing by going on runs when we can and getting a little bit fitter”

Stuart shared:

“I wanted to help my partner as she has been through the services and I want to show my support to her and others going through similar things. We are trying to do some running when we can to get ready for our colour run in June”.

We love the support for BSARCS and for each other shared by Rachel and Stuart, and cannot thank them enough for the money raised to support the work of BSARCS. BSARCS worked with 1500 individuals last year, and the £105 raised by these two colourful runners will go a long way in continuing the support we offer. And let’s not forget the week by week support that we continue to receive from Rachel as a volunteer in our group sessions!

Well done, and thank you for your continued support from all at BSARCS!