Our Accessible Space Development

18th May 21

In the Autumn of 2019 we took over the lease for our accessible space. An empty, bleak, blank canvas ready to work on to create a welcoming space for people who have additional physical needs and to deliver our group sessions from. I was so excited to get started on this.

I worked with the architect (JE Architectural Ltd, ) to make sure our plans were drawn to scale and then set off working with tradesman, asking questions I never thought I’d ask!

Steve built the internal foundations for the rooms and plastered the walls and Darren (Dragon Gas) fitted the heating.

We then drafted in the help of Barnsley CVS to recruit us some volunteers to paint the space. A huge thank you to ASOS (XPO) who went above and beyond to get this space painted.

space developmentspace developmentspace development

Summer lane carpets then fitted the new carpets and flooring, the space was taking shape brilliantly.

MK Tints covered the windows to make the space private and then…

 COVID19 hit. We spent hours researching and contacting companies to sort out our PPE equipment. The money allocated quickly dried up.

 A complete standstill. Nothing more could be done. I found this stressful as it was half a job done but nothing I could do until it was safe.

As the restrictions lowered we made the move from our Queen’s Road offices to our accessible space. Thanks to Specialised movers 

– staying COVID compliant throughout.

Our business team worked hard to arrange the furniture and get the rooms ready for what we thought might be a phased return in September.

COVID 19 strikes again, no phased return, disappointment that the work I had organised and completed was not being shared with anyone.

But with every cloud and all that…

We were then awarded some additional money which meant we could have ventilation fitted thanks to M Howe Electrical meaning that fresh air flows in and out of the room allowing us to be COVID compliant. The money allowed for additional soundproofing and a suspended ceiling from Insulation Direct. This made the space feel warmer and less clinical.

space development space development space development space development space development

The soundproofing meant the plaster had to come off the walls and the rooms needed redecorating.  Thanks to Ziggy from New Era Painting they are now ready to be used again.

Defender security  fitted the fire alarms to ensure we are safe and DWH  Electrical  fitted a new door entry system meaning not anyone can just walk in.

A massive thanks to Starlight blinds who donated and fitted brand new blinds making the space more private and even cosier.

space development space development space development space development space development space development

Tom from Whittaker Plumbing and Heating fitted us an extra washer tap enabling us to install a washing machine and dishwasher.

A few final tweaks and our accessible space is ready to go.

COVID has been a blessing and a curse for us and this project, it meant things were on hold, waiting and waiting. Cancellations, pushbacks and delays have meant that we still aren’t able to share the space with you yet but having additional money has made the space better than we could have dreamed.

space development space development

Hours, days and weeks worth of work has gone into this space and we cannot wait to share it with you! It’s been tough but it has been worth it!


Project Development Worker.