How to make a referral.

You can make a referral by phone or by completing our online referral form. You can make the referral on behalf of your client (having obtained your client’s consent) or they can self refer. Our business and administration team will take you through the  information required to complete the referral. We do not ask for significant information at referral stage. We mainly require contact information and information necessary for our monitoring processes.

If you will be continuing to work with the person you are referring that information will be retained and once your service user has an allocated worker depending on which part of the service your client recieves input from you may be contacted by the worker.

As referrer you or your service user can also get in touch if you want to clarify where they are on our waiting list or provide any changes of information.

If you or your service user are unsure which part of the service is best for you the business and admin team will be able to provide information to support you or service user to make a decsion and  be linked to the service most appropriate for their needs.


Infographic to be made for each service – criteria and what happens with the referral – I think it is good here in the pathway infographic to emphasise multi-agency working.

Children service

  • Age – reported to the police – wanting to attend
  • Pathway – receive the referral – make contact – assessment – liaise with who – attend what meetings – decide on service offered – receive support

ISVA service – most of the referals for the ISVA service come directly from the police utilising the South Yorkshire referral portal. However if you are working with someone who is thinking about reporting but is unsure our Isva’s can offer impartial information about what happens following a report and answer any questions your service user may have about the process. This enables service user’s to make informed decsions about their options.  A service user wanting to access this support can be refeered or self refer and will be allocated within 48 hours of making the enquiry. This acknowledges the importance of anyone who may wish to formally report to the police not being left waiting for longer period of time with the uncertaintly of what to do.  If your service user is at immediate risk the police should of course be called and necessary action taken to safeguard.

Counselling and wellbeing service

The referral process is as described above a call  to refer in or online referral form to be completed. Once the referral is accepted you will be given an approximate waiting time for when your service user will be seen.