Family & Friends

Family and friends often feel a sense of despair and bewilderment at what has happened to someone they care about and this can lead to feelings of anger and frustration that they weren’t able to protect their loved one.

Therefore, BSARCS also offers support and counselling to the friends and family of those affected by sexual violence. This support will not only better equip you to support your loved one but to also work through your own feelings about what happened.

Many men will feel angry that they couldn’t protect their partner, parents will be devastated that they couldn’t protect their child, others may be angry at their loved one for putting themselves in a vulnerable situation. All of which are normal emotions, but it is important that YOU get support to work through these feelings so that you don’t pass them on to the survivor of sexual harm.

The most important step on the survivor’s road to recovery is to be able to confide in someone. However, this can be an overwhelming experience for you and we would encourage you to get in touch. In the meantime, download our information leaflet here for some guidance on how you can support your loved one.