Children’s Therapy

Our children’s service, works systemically so parents/carers and key professionals need to be prepared to become involved with the intervention to support the child/young person’s healing process.

The support we offer includes; 1:1 therapeutic wellbeing support, group work, therapy, 1:1 parenting support, trauma informed parenting group and support to key professionals.

We accept referrals from; professionals, parents, carers, relatives and young people who wish to self-refer. You don’t need to ask for specifically wellbeing support, therapy or group work as we understand each child/young person is different, we carefully screen each referral to identify which service best meets the child/young person’s needs.

If you are a professional please use the referral form below. If you are a parent or carer and would prefer to speak to us please call 01226 320140.

Child Referral Form

To be able to use this service, a child or young person needs to:

  • Be aged 0 up to 17
  • Live in Barnsley
  • Have experienced or impacted by sexual abuse that has been reported to and investigated by the police and/or social care – and any criminal proceedings need to have ended before support begins*
  • Be in a safe and stable environment
  • Have given their consent to being referred to BSARCS (for younger children, a parent’s or carer’s consent is required)

If you’re supporting a child who meets all of these criteria, or if you’re thinking about whether our service might be right for your child or a child you care for but aren’t sure, you can give us a call on 01226 320140 to talk about it.

*BSARCS provides a separate support service for children and young people who are currently involved in court proceedings. See our support to report page here

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9 in 10 girls and young women

in schools, say sexist name-calling and being sent unwanted images of a sexual nature happens to them or their peers.