Wellbeing Groups

BSARCS have developed a unique 8 week group work programme to enhance the existing services we offer. We offer female only and male only adult sessions.

What is the Process?

You will be offered Group work when you make your first contact with us. If you are interested there will be a short initial discussion with a facilitator and you will then be offered a place if you and the facilitator agree it is suitable for you and your circumstances. The group runs for 8 weeks in our town centre premises which are fully accessible. Groups will be small usually up to 10 individuals and will be held weekly at the same time usually in the afternoon or early evening. There is no expectation that you discuss or share anything that you are not comfortable with.

What will the group cover?

The group work will cover:

  • Understanding how sexual abuse affects our mental and physical health
  • Our feelings and the ways we manage emotional distress
  • Recognising the importance of our wellbeing
  • Understanding the impact of sexual abuse on our sleep and how to manage flashbacks
  • Developing helpful coping strategies
  • Looking ahead at what is important to us now

Who facilitates the group?

Our Group Work facilitators are qualified and experienced in working with groups and with sexual harm. They will work with you to make sure groups are comfortable, friendly and supportive. Confidentiality will be taken very seriously and there will be no expectation that you discuss or share anything you are not comfortable with.

Statistic Image

9 in 10 girls and young women

in schools, say sexist name-calling and being sent unwanted images of a sexual nature happens to them or their peers.