Am I less likely to be believed about being raped because so many women lie about it when they actually just regret cheating on their boyfriends or something?

02nd Aug 23

It’s not true that a lot of women lie about being raped. Actually, so-called false allegations of rape and other sexual offences are very rare. Sometimes the media (like newspapers, TV, radio and websites) can give us the impression that a lot of women lie about rape because they focus on those rare cases when women are convicted for making a ‘false’ report. But that’s because things that are more unusual or happen less often, make better news than things that happen often; for example, they don’t cover nearly every rape case that goes to court. If you’ve been raped or experienced any kind of sexual violence, it’s completely your choice whether you report to the police or not, and if you do, it’s your right to be treated with respect, empathy and impartiality. If you’re thinking about reporting, but aren’t sure, you can talk to us about it; we won’t pressure or try to persuade you either way.