Introduction to Adult Safeguarding

This course outlines the legal and practice responsibilities you must follow when working with adults who require safeguarding because of neglect and or abuse.


  1. To introduce what adult safeguarding involves.
  2.  To understand what to  consider when assessing risk and when to make a safeguarding referral.
  3. To link adult safeguarding to our work delivering support for adults impacted by sexual harm.

This course will outline the key principles set out in the practice guidance. Discuss how to apply these principles in practice and move on to look at the  different types of adult abuse.

The Course will then focus on aspects of adult abuse which may be more likely to arise in our field of work.

Finally the course will look at what action it is necessary to take as practitioners should a safeguarding concern arise.


Understanding Adverse Childhood Experience and the Trauma Informed Model


This short course focuses on the link between ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and Sexual and Domestic Abuse.

BSARCS has been successful in receiving a grant to deliver this training. The course has been funded by South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit.

We will describe what ACES are, include statistical data connecting ACES and intimate personal violence and move on to look at how the trauma informed approach for adults and children can assist with prevention and or recovery.

We will be drawing on existing research and good practice and we will discuss how approaches to our work can develop and become  trauma informed.


By the end of the course you should have an understanding of how early life experiences impact on physical and mental health.  With specific focus on children and adults experiencing Sexual and Domestic Abuse.

Learning outcomes:

1.      Describe what Adverse Childhood Experiences are.

2.      Identify how a trauma informed approach for adults and children can assist with prevention and recovery.

3.      Understand the connection of early experiences to lifelong impact on physical and mental health.

4.      Recognise the significant link between childhood Sexual and Domestic Abuse and adult outcomes.

If at any point you exit this course, your completed tests and progress will be saved. If you exit the course whilst taking a test the test will have to be retaken. You can resume course progress here.

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