Barnsley Football Club Bucket Collection

20th Nov 18

Barnsley football club bucket collection

Saturday 13th October 2018

The day had arrived – Barnsley Football Club v Luton Town and we had been allocated a slot to carry out some bucket collecting. The weather was blustery and a little wet but that didn’t deter our enthusiasm.

We arrived promptly at reception, 10:15 as it was an early kick off with the match being shown on sky. We quickly split into different directions outside the ground to start our collections before being met by the chief steward and shown inside the ground.

Once inside the ground we were split into pairs and given a stand each, we were told to meet back at 12 – just before kick-off.

Collecting for BSARCS was a positive experience with many people taking an interest in our charity, asking questions about the service and generously donating their spare change. We also had some BSARC pens to hand out which went down well with all supporters.  The time flew by, and before we knew it the players were coming out onto the pitch.

At the end of our slot we excitedly met back up with our buckets – comparing who had the heaviest!

We were then accompanied out of the stadium and went home feeling very proud and privileged to have shared our work with the people of Barnsley (and Luton town).

The hard work paid off as we raised £600.00! Thank you to everyone who donated!

Sarah & Paula