Information for Women & Girls

Our main counselling rooms are reserved for female clients in order to facilitate a ‘women only’ space which is confidential, quiet and relaxing.  All our counselling and therapy sessions are on staggered times and are delivered by female only staff.  Our female support groups meet on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings, and our men’s support group meets in the early evening on alternate weeks and days.  Our  Group Room is reserved for  male client appointments as this is in a separate area.

There are many different kinds of sexual violence including flashing, stalking, sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape.  It can happen to anyone and no one ever deserves or asks for it to happen.

Women in particular often feel that they were to blame for their attack.  However, it doesn't matter what you were wearing, if you had been drinking, whether you had flirted or initially accepted sexual advances - sexual violence is always the responsibility of the perpetrator – it is not your fault!

Our trained staff and volunteers understand that each person's experience is unique and each survivor will have their own set of needs.  We will never pressure you, but rather support you to move on positively with your life in a way you feel comfortable with.

If you have been affected by sexual violence of any kind then please do contact us or download our leaflet - Information for Women & Girls.  It may just help to talk through what has happened to you.

It doesn't matter how small you think the incident was - if it has affected you then we are here to help and we will never judge you.


National Helpline

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