ISVA Referral Process

Independent Sexual Violence Advocacy - South Yorkshire

Independent Sexual Violence Advocacy (ISVA - Adults & CHISVA - Young People and Children) is available across South Yorkshire from a central referral hub, funded by South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner

What can an ISVA do?

An ISVA advocates on behalf of someone who has been a victim of sexual violence. They hold the needs of the client & help them to access support and services from a range of statutory & non-statutory services such as:

Health Services
Housing Support
Benefits advise

They will advocate and support a client through reporting to the Police to Court including:

Liaising with the police, courts, Criminal Prosecution Service (CPS) and other public agencies
Keeping the victim informed of developments in the case
Advocating on victim's behalf
Supporting victim before and during any court case

 The service is managed centrally by DRASACS and delivered locally in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield through:

Barnsley Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Services
Doncaster Rape & Sexual Abuse Counselling Service (Doncaster & Rotherham)
Sheffield Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre

The service is available to adult females & males (ISVA), children & young people(CHISVA) who have been a victim of sexual violence.

The ISVA worker will give information to help a victim decide whether they want to report the

incident(s) to the police. If they decide not to report the matter, they can still access the services.

If a victim does decide to report the matter, the ISVA worker will support them through the whole

process, including working with the police and the rest of the criminal justice system.

You can refer someone into the ISVA service by completing the secure form at:

The service is managed centrally by DRASACS who can be contacted on:

Telephone : 01302 341572       e-mail:        website:


National Helpline

0808 8029999



01226 320140

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