Children & Young People

Children's Services - Update 2016

The referral criteria for our Children’s Therapy service is as follows:

The child/young person (between 0-18 years) who is resident in Barnsley, who has experienced sexual abuse.

The abuse has been reported and/or investigated by the police/social care and where any criminal proceedings have concluded.
The child needs to be in a safe and stable environment and to have given consent for this referral.  (For younger children the parents’ consent is required)

Referrals can be made by making initial contact with BSARCS 01226 320140  A referral form will then be sent out for completion if deemed appropriate.

If you have any questions around this process or unsure if the referral is appropriate please contact Paula Paynter, Clinical Lead or any member of the Children’s Therapy Team

PLEASE NOTE: The service will continue to accept referrals via South Yorkshire Police and the Children's SARC for support through the justice process.




National Helpline

0808 8029999



01226 320140

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