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BSARCS is Barnsley's only specialist provider of services to survivors of sexual violence.  We offer support to women and men. 

Barnsley Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Services include counselling, advocacy and a helpline.

  • Our services are FREE, confidential, and delivered by women
  • Staff are professionally qualified and receive specialist training
  • Independent - we are not part of the police, local authority, NHS or Social Services
  • Non-judgemental
  • Available to individuals and their family
  • We will never push you into reporting what has happened to you.
  • We have an anonymous Text: 07786 20 90 70 and email: support@bsarcs.org support service, open on Mondays (Except Bank Holidays) from 10:00 until 12:00, and Thursdays from 14:30 to 16:00. From 10th January we are trialing an extra text and email session on Tuesday evenings 6pm - 8pm. 

What is sexual violence?

There are many kinds of sexual violence including sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, stalking, flashing and sexual abuse.  Sexual violence can happen to anyone - women, men, girls and boys - and no one ever asks or deserves for it to happen.  If you have been affected by sexual violence, or are supporting someone else who has, you can contact us for help and information.  It doesn’t matter whether the abuse happened recently or a long time ago.


Trial verdict 14th October 2016 


On Friday 14th October, the footballer Ched Evans was found not guilty at retrial of the rape of a woman in 2011.

Ed Beltrami, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS Wales said:

“We respect the decision of the jury today. This case hinged on the issue of sexual consent – that someone consents if they agree by choice and have the freedom and capacity to make that choice. Being drunk does not mean a person relinquishes their right to consent, that they are to blame for being attacked or that they were ‘fair game’.

The prosecution argued that the complainant did not have the capacity to consent, but the jury found they could not be sure, beyond reasonable doubt, that the complainant did not consent, or that Evans thought she was not consenting.

I would like to thank the complainant for her courage throughout this case, and the previous trial.”

Since April 2012, when Evans was found guilty on the same charge at his original trial, this case has seen unprecedented levels of abuse and violent threats directed very publicly towards the complainant, who was named on social media despite her lifelong legal right to remain anonymous. It has been widely reported that she has had to change her identity and move home a number of times as a result.

We ask those discussing this case both on and offline in the days and weeks to come to remember that there is never any excuse or justification for any rape complainant to suffer the kind of abuse and ordeal she has endured.

Crime figures estimated 85,000 women and 12,000 men are raped in England and Wales every year and the vast majority - around 85% - choose not to report to the police, for a range of reasons including fear of not being believed, of being blamed and of being treated poorly by the criminal justice system. We appeal to commentators to remember the large number of sexual violence victims and survivors who will inevitably be among their audience when they write or talk about this case and to take care not to propagate harmful myths and stereotypes about rape.

Rape Crisis centres offer specialist, independent support and advocacy services to those who've experienced rape and all forms of sexual violence, no matter how recently or long ago and regardless of whether or not they choose to report to the police.

If you've been affected by the coverage of this case and want to talk and be heard, you can find information about our helplines and your nearest Rape Crisis services here: www.rapecrisis.org.uk/centres.php

Taken from Rape Crisis England & Wales: http://rapecrisis.org.uk/news/trial-verdict-14th-october-2016

ASDA Barnsley - Green Token Nomination

We have been nominated for ASDA Barnsley's Green token boxes! Please remember to ask for a token when you are shopping.

NSPCC 'It's Our Time' petition

At the moment the Government are not counting the number of children who've been abused and need support.

If this data is collected it will demonstrate how many children are not getting the support they need. It is important that these children's voices are heard.

The link will take you to a petition to sign requesting the Government to collect this data.



5 Million Men Helpline - 0808 800 5005

The first National Helpline and Online Support service for the 5 million male survivors of rape and sexual abuse in the UK.  A team of specially trained advisors will provide help, support and information through a Freephone telephone helpline, SMS Text messaging, email and instant message chat.   Men will also be able to access free online and telephone counselling. 

The 5 Million Men telephone helpline number is 0808 800 5005 and the website is www.safeline.org.uk/men

Children's Services - Update April 2016

We are pleased to inform you that we have received funding from BMBC and the Clinical Commissioning Group. 

We are now open for initial contact for referrals to children and young people’s therapy services .  Please see the ‘’Work With Us’ page for further information.

PLEASE NOTE: The service will continue to accept referrals via South Yorkshire Police and the Children's SARC for support through the justice process.

For information on current VACANCIES please click here.

As members of Rape Crisis England & Wales, it is our policy that we do not see perpetrators of sexual violence or sexual assault, etc.  To access perpetrator support click here.



National Helpline

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